Slickey was born from years of frustration with software licensing, deployment problems, and a passion to do things right.  Software licensing managers and the ever increasing amount of discovery based licensing toolsets just ‘never cut the mustard.’

The primary issue with many of these tool sets is that they tend to only be used when software vendors require a license compliance audit, and are often tasked with delivering bad news along with the additional cost of unlicensed software assets.

After over a year in development, Slickey was launched in November 2012.

With a combined experience of over 20 years in IT, and more specifically; Systems Management and Deployment, profiles of the men behind Slickey can be found below.


Tony Dewhurst

Prior to Slickey, Tony has spent over 12 years as a freelance consultant working for large enterprises including HP, IBM and Nestle.  He has over 10 years experience in supporting enterprise systems management products including HP Radia (now CA), Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and more recently 2012.

He has a keen interest (obsession?!) in automation, especially in making the repetitive tasks go away to free him up for his next little pet project.

Tony is also a keen photographer with an equally obsessive interest in automotive photography.  You can see the result of this at Pistonspy, many photos have been published in the press.

Tony lives in Preston, UK with his partner Jane and 3 children; Reece, Ella and Chloe.

Here are some of his recommendations from his LinkedIn Profile:-

Kimmo Pettinen IT Architect at IBM
Tony Dewhurst is one of the most resourceful and innovative people I ever had a pleasure of working with. He is extremely hard working, trustworthy and goal oriented. I would consider myself lucky if given a chance to work with Tony sometime in the future.

Peter Annear Information Technology and Services Consultant
I worked with Tony on the Radia deployment to the Spine NHS Care Records project. In that time I was consistently impressed with his work ethic, technical knowledge and honest attitude. He was able to contribute to some of the leading areas of the project even with large technology and architecture changes which demonstrated his willingness to adapt.

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