ConfigMgr 2012 Application Approval

Out of the box, ConfigMgr 2012 uses Application Approval when users ‘pick’ software from the Catalog.

However, this is all performed ‘in console’ – i.e. the approval needs to be performed by logging into the ConfigMgr console.

Generally, companies would not want this as approval would be done by users’ managers – who would be non-IT.

I’ve come across two methods of creating an out of console experience!

The first was created by my friend Kent Agerlund of

Kents Solution

The second, I found on twitter (of all places) quite recently. It’s designed by a guy called Neil Peterson

Neils First Blog Post on his solution

Neils 2nd Blog post on his solution

From my tired eyes, they both seem to do the same thing?! Hopefully the guys will comment on the post and give us all a bit more info!

Kent, Neil – over to you!

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