Could be a common fault on Dell E6230?? (UPDATED) (UPDATED AGAIN)

Today, we had a strange issue.A brand new Dell E6230 which we have been testing our OS Deployment task sequence on, suddenly failed to boot.

When powered on, the power button lit up, as did the battery indicator. But nothing else.

We listened closely and could hear a clicking sound. Not the hard drive as this machine has an SSD!

We reseated the RAM – Nothing.

We reseated the SSD – Nothing.

We called Dell, who said they would send an engineer out.

But suddenly, whilst on the call with Dell we noticed something!

E6230 Fault

Weird issue with Dell E6230

As you can see, we are looking at the spare slot where a WWAN card can be inserted. The aerial connectors for the optional WWAN card are touching the terminals… once these were moved out of the way, the laptop booted fine. We have now coiled these connectors up to prevent more issues. Dell used to provide rubber sleeves over the connectors to prevent issues like this. This is the first machine out of a batch of 2000 machines… we could have a big job!

*** UPDATE ***

I’ve just checked another 3 machines (all straight out of the packaging) and all have the same issue!!

*** UPDATE ***

I took delivery of 100 or so plastic sleeves today! They are now sitting on my desk awaiting an engineer from Dell!

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@NickolajA Any ideas what this issue I have with modern driver management