Documenting your ConfigMgr site

Regularly clients ask for documentation after a ConfigMgr implementation.

As well as the usual support documentation i.e. How does it work? How can we add extra Admin users? etc, there is also a requirement for the ‘nitty gritty’; what settings are set? What are the exact steps in the task sequence? What versions of drivers does it deploy?

Luckily, there are a number of scripts & utilities which can be called upon, to make this very easy!

The first, is an old utility/script which is designed for use with Configuration Manager 2007. It is from the DeploymentGuys and can be found here:

Task Sequence Documentor

However, because of the vast changes in Configuration Manager 2012, this will not work.

But if you do it slightly differently it works perfectly:

1. Export ConfigMgr 2012 Task Sequence to .zip file
2. Extract .zip file
3. Browse to SMS_TaskSequencePackage\packageid
4. Copy tsDocumentorv2.xls (downloaded from the above location) to this directory
5. Open object.xml from the SMS_TaskSequencePackage\packageid folder and search for “cdata”
6. Copy all code between 7. Paste it into a new text file
8. Add to the top line of your new file
9. Save with a .xml file extension into the SMS_TaskSequencePackage\packageid directory
10. Open in IE (You will need to turn on compatibility mode if using version 9 or 10)

You will see a beautifully formatted document which can be handed over to the client.

You can also open it in Excel and apply the XSL file, which will give you the same output but in Excel format

The second script, is one which really excites me! I was a ‘beta tester’ for David, and it amazed me what can be achieved through PowerShell! So much, that I’ve decided its something that I ‘must’ learn!

David O’Briens script basically documents your ‘whole’ site, and writes it to a perfectly formatted Word document.

David’s website is and contains lots of helpful resources.

But the article you ‘need’ to be looking at is this one:

ConfigMgr 2012 Inventory Script

As David mentions in the first few lines of the article, its still in beta and I’m sure will be developed with time. But as it stands, it will save you hours of time!

As a beta tester we had some issues, mainly surrounding the fact that I’d never imported the ConfigMgr Powershell cmdlets nor had I upgraded to Powershell v3.0! Once these were ironed out and I run the script, I was delighted!

To run the script, you very simply need to run the following command from a Powershell x86 session:

.\CM12_Inventory.ps1 -ManagementPoint YourMP -SiteCode YourSiteCode -CompanyName YourCompany -verbose

And Hey Presto! Documentation is done!

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