OSD in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1

Long time no speak…

With Christmas, New Year, a holiday to New York & Florida and a new job role, the blog has been lonely!

However, I’m back in the game and implementing ConfigMgr 2012 SP1!

I’ve been looking at OSD this morning, and noticed a change since SP1, which I’m not sure was detailed anywhere obvious.

When creating a Build & Capture Task Sequence, you get to the screen offering you to browse for the Operating System. In 2012, you could simply browse to an imported Operating System Installer, i.e. a copy of the Windows 7 source files which you have imported into the console.

In SP1, we don’t have this option. The only option presented is to browse for an Operating System Image. This is a bit crazy, considering that this is the reason we are creating a Build and Capture Task Sequence – to obtain an image, a *.wim file.

What we have to do in SP1 is to import the Windows 7 install.wim into the console as a Operating System Image. We can then select this in the task sequence.

Hope this helps someone!

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